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About Abundant Living

Abundant Living Financial Wellness Services Inc is a faith based non-profit with a holistic approach to personal finances. We provide financial education and empower wellness, leveraging biblical principles to fill the gap between where you are today and meeting your financial goals. We believe that the key to a truly abundant life through your finances starts with self-love and accurate education. It’s not how much you have, but how much you have within you. 

Specialized topics related to holistic personal finances are described below. Email for brand collaborations, volunteer opportunities, workshop bookings, individual coaching, group coaching, and/or courses.

Personal Finances

Personal Finance services focus on money management, budgeting, savings, debt reduction, debt elimination, and credit basics. Strategies are provided in order to promote independence.


For individual services, clients can have a personal financial review, financial goal setting session, and a customized financial plan developed to meet those goals. For small groups services, clients will see the same results as individual services in addition to having a support system to accelerate their goals.

For speaking services, the audience will be educated on financial literacy foundations and provided resources to prompt immediate action. Workshops can be tailored to the audience.

Customized Financial Planning

Financial Literacy

Goal Setting

Money & Emotions

Personal Development

Personal Development services focuse on mindset building in order to promote holistic transformation.


For small groups services and speaking services, participants will understand their money journey, evaluate their relationship with money, and unpack deeper "whys". Resources are provided to incorporate everyday tools for sustaining a strong mindset. Courses and workshops can be tailored to the audience.


Our financial situation transforms only to the extent that we do, so build the foundation to bring your vision to life.

Wealth & Abundance Mindset

What People Say

100% of workshop attendees are VERY LIKELY to recommend Gabbi Rodgers and an Abundant Living workshop.

This financial fast helped me reach my savings goal for the month and helped me knock off $1,000 off of my credit cards!."

"Doing the financial fast with an accountability group helped to make it fun and encouraging.  I realized how much extra money I was spending."

21 Day Financial Fast Participant

21 Day Financial Fast Participant

“I have really enjoyed my sessions with Abundant Living. Gabbi is very intentional... She really breaks down all aspects of my financial status and gives me proper tangible steps to get a car , put money towards investing and how to intentionally reach my money goals. "

“Since my coaching session , I have been able to $100 within a week! It’s been amazing! I am more aware of my fixed payments and lowered money in my variable expenses."

1:1 Coaching Client

1:1 Coaching Client

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