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Meet Gabbi

Founder | Executive Director | Speaker

Meet Gabbi

Founder | Financial Professional | Speaker

Gabbi grew up in a large, loving family from Prince George's County, Maryland. For most of her life, they were a well-off middle class family but with the loss of the breadwinning parent everything took a turn financially. They went from multiple vacations a year to having clothes & food donated in the winter. These changes immediately taught Gabbi the importance of financial stability & independence. 

Gabbi has proudly met goals such as being financially independent since the age of 19, buying a car at the age of 20 with over 70% down, embarking on multiple international trips paid in full , living off of 30-50% of her income as a early corporate professional, buying her 1st property at the age of 23, and reaching a 6-figure net worth by the age of 26. Currently Gabbi works full time as a Change Management Professional. She is also a violinist and singer along with being greatly devoted to community outreach. 

So, why is Gabbi so passionate about personal finances??? While building her business as a money coach, Gabbi soon realized that a person's current financial state stems from lessons and experiences in the household. In many households, the mindset about money that is passed down from generation to generation is rooted in myths that lead to limited, unhealthy decision making in attempts to prove our worth.  In turn, Gabbi learned that the key to a truly abundant life through your finances starts with self-love and accurate education. It’s not how much you have, but how much you have within you.


Through Abundant Living Financial Wellness Service Inc., Gabbi provides financial education and empowers wellness, leveraging biblical principles to fill the gap between where you are today and meeting your financial goals. Is it important to you to have a money coach who doesn’t just see you or your audience as an expense sheet? Would you prefer to work with someone who values holistic transformation using financial literacy as your toolbox? Then contact Gabbi for brand collaborations, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, courses, workshops, and/or speaking engagements.

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